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We are a restaurant located in the Gràcia neighborhood, in Barcelona, for more than 15 years.

Samsara in Sanskrit means the 'Cycle of life.' In this way, our kitchen and our restaurant, the spirit and the environment that we try to create in it, They are intended for our guests to enjoy and be carried away by the spirituality and well-being that influence gastronomy. We do not simply search that our customers eat, no: we look for that they find a place where to be able to enjoy a time of calm, relaxation and good company next to some dishes that they will accompany you on this trip.

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Food to enjoy

Special tapas, vegetarian, festival menu ...

In Samsara our objective is that you enjoy with and of the food without limiting the imagination or the possibilities, that is why we have created a restaurant menu adapted to curious tastes, but also diners vegetarians or with celiac problems. All our tapas are fresh and carefully prepared to bring the experience we seek to the palate of our clients.

And if your thing is to enjoy the food in company, do not hesitate and look at our Festival menu where you can enjoy 7 tapas, 6 drinks (or wine) and 2 desserts.

If you like to try different tapas and you want to do it in an environment that seeks to relax and enjoy your meal, do not hesitate: we are waiting for you!