Traditional flavor

Lamb meat is one of the most requested meats in our cuisine, as they are meat with a unique flavor.The meat that we use in Samsara for this tapa is a meat compact and full of flavor, which will go perfectly accompanied with a Pinot Noir wine or a Tempranillo to enhance the potency.

With a very typical garrison

To the Tapa of boneless lamb we have added from our Samsara kitchen one of the most typical garnishes in Catalonia, such as caliu potatoes, potatoes made with embers with a powerful flavor to roast it, next to an alioli traditional, they will give the lamb the perfect touch to enjoy all the flavors.

The lamb is one of the tastiest meats on the market, and with that we think about freeing our customers the possibility of enjoying their flavor in a classic tapa with a new I touched.

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