Our flagship tapa

The sweet potatoes with green pesto have been forming as the flagship of our kitchen. With a contrast that blends perfectly on the palate, the sweetness of the sweet potato makes a great home with the spicy touch of the pesto sauce we incorporate as accompaniment. One of our tastiest and most requested tapas.

and also VERY HEALTHY!

What makes it special, besides being a unique flavored tapa, is that the sweet potatoes of the sweet potato with the green pesto It brings a combination of ingredients and cooked perfectly suited to diets and people who love the vegetable. Based on a mild sautéing, with oil, the touch of the pesto is made with 100% natural ingredients, which gives it a greater flavor and the security of being brought to the mouth a delicious dish and the healthiest.

Our bravas to pesto verde are our brand, our essential and the most requested tapa. We have, and we thank, in this case, all our clients who consider it the most special of our restaurant menu, since they are the ones who do that these sweet potatoes are so special for us.

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