Really special cannelloni

The cannelloni is one of those unexpected tapas in our menu, which is a typical meal, of which They want, from the kitchen of the Samsara we imagine to give a touch in the filling different from the normal one. The combination of the boletus with the sweetness of the pear They make cannelloni a juicy and delicious tapa for sweet and savory palates.

Accompanied with grace

It is true that the vast majority of people enjoy a good pasta dish without any problem, and more the contrast of flavors as the pear with the bullet offer. If we add the option of accompanying them with the right wine, you can feel how the taste of the dish and the wine increase Do not hesitate, and ask us about a good madiraje: we will advise you to enjoy the experience in its entirety.

For those customers who like to try contrasts, cannelloni with pear cream and jabugo hash will be a bet safe in terms of experience of flavors. Sweet, salty and smooth: our cannelloni bring together the three possibilities of taste in one.

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