For sweet tastes

The chocolate bombs or black chocolate explosion donuts is a Cover especially dedicated for those people who feel passion for the sweet. With a classic cooked recipe In a more current way, the liquid black chocolate filling of the interior will satisfy the most critical palates and sweet.

... and not so sweet

It is true that the chocolate bomb is aimed at those customers who they love chocolate with passion, but you should never forget that chocolate is a great travel companion in flavors as different as the veal (like our veal dices) or it is always perfectly accompanied with a Merlot or a Banyuls.

When we set out to give a spin to the typical recipe for stuffed donuts, we did not imagine the imagination and, above all, the result in terms of taste that this tapa could offer us. As a dessert, as appetizer or as a Tapa of contrasts between salted, fits perfectly with the idea that we want from the kitchen of Samsara to show.

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