Ravioli with a surprising flavor

Ravioli is one of the most complete options when it comes to surprising with the flavor, its elaboration, with the fact that it can be filled allows a versatility that few recipes complement. As a tapa, it is not only healthy and complete, it is also great as a dish to surprise.

Cod with sweet flavors

Our ravioli turn out to be a special tapa due to this unexpected filling, the cod, like fish, is one of the most powerful flavors. crunchy vegetables together a sweet touch that our mango mayonnaise offers. It is a special tapa, with a presence that does not resemble a tapa, but a complete and simply delicious dish.

Ravioli is one of our most elaborate tapas, from the preparation of fresh pasta with surprising filling, we consider it one of our most complete tapas in terms of flavor and enjoyment .

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