A tapas classic

Croquettes are one of the most classic meals and tapas in Spanish cuisine, being a good starter dish, to eat fast, accompanying or main, can be filled with infinite possibilities, from the most typical and classic, to the most avant-garde. They are perfect for a quick snack, or to eat around a good table. Hence, they could not be absent, in any way, in our restaurant menu.

What type are you?

Being a dish so typical of our tables, our croquettes had to have a personal touch to make them special. Samsara we offer croquettes of two different types: Garlic Prawns or Mushroom Croquettes. In this way we cover those palates that pull more towards the sea and palates who look more towards the earth.

Being one of the most classic tapas on our table, the croquettes could not be a special tapa not present on our menu. or mushrooms, our croquettes will not leave you indifferent, neither for flavor nor crunchiness.

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