Oriental air between our covers

The veal is one of the most used meats in the kitchen, since it is a meat with easy digestion and a very mild flavor, from the kitchen of Samsara we seek to give it a turn to make the most of its smoothness. For this reason, the special lid we offer in this case is accompanied by oriental airs with Chinese noodles and a sweet and sour sauce that fits perfectly with bacon and veal.

An oriental dish on top

The classic oriental dish of Chinese noodles with veal is in this cover turned around, the veal being the essential element in the dish. tapa gives that powerful flavor that increases the contrast with the veal. Delicious to accompany it with cava or with a white wine that will accentuate its flavor.

As lovers of oriental culture, we could not miss a tapa with oriental airs in our menu of specialties. nod to that land so splendid in terms of culture, history and gastronomy.

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