A surprise on the palate

The seafood waffles represent one of the most unexpected tapas in our kitchen, we look for this resemblance to the classic sweet wafers, but from Samsara we always look for that imaginative touch that has led us to create them not only salty, but filled with a mixture as delicious as unusual.

An unexpected and delicious filling

Our salted wafers have the surprise already added with that flavor, but even more surprising to the palate when you feel that the stuffing, of seafood, is accompanied by a parmesan that gives you the touch of power and chocolate, which gives it the taste of surprise. The final taste, full of different airs of Parmesan, seafood and chocolate, will not leave you indifferent.

In Samsara we appeal to let the imagination fly, and that is what led us to create this deliciously curious tapa, it is the perfect cover for those who enjoy jumping into New flavors.