Because gluten is not a barrier

From Samsara, we try to offer our vision of what food culture entails, and with that, understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we have prepared a restaurant menu in which those people who are forced to a gluten-free diet can enjoy tapas in the same way. In fact, from our kitchens, the possibility of To be able to offer tapas and food that are specifically gluten-free, we not only see it as something natural (we should all be able to enjoy the food), but also opened up new cooking options that they have led us to improve our tapas and our knowledge and taste for food.


In Samsara our restaurant menu shows point by point those special tapas that are prepared for people with celiac disease. a gluten-free diet can enjoy both our Festival Menu, as in a more individual way of tapas like our special Tapa: Bravas sweet potato with green pesto , Codfish Ravioli or our Veal Dice.

Being able to offer special tapas for people with gluten-free diets has not only been an option we wanted to offer, but also allowed us to delve deeper into our knowledge and culinary possibilities, discovering a world of new options and, above all, new flavors.

We are also open to both needs and to listen to options and requests, so if your diet requires a certain type of food that you want to tell us, of course we are open for new experiences and needs. Being able to enjoy food is common, and as such, we consider it important to be able to cover all needs. If so, do not hesitate and contact us. On our part, we will try to find a new and delicious way for You can enjoy the tapas with total security and options.