tapas for all palates

From the kitchen of Samsara we think that food, like everything, has as many tastes as there are people, so the option that a person who chooses to eat vegetarian tapas is an important part of our restaurant menu. In this way, those who wish to enjoy our vegetarian flavors can choose from a wide variety that allows them to savor and enjoy the essentials: food and company.


The world of vegetables in a world full of extraordinary options to get unexpected and delicious flavors. For this reason, our team of chefs look for, taste and offer special vegetarian tapas so extremely delicious as Garlic Croquettesor with sweeter taste, the Black Chocolate Explosion Fritters. And of course, all of them are part of the tapas that can be chosen within our Festival Menu.

The vegetable world offers a variety of flavors, colors and textures incredibly broad, opening a huge field to discover and taste.From our kitchen, we offer our customers the possibility of power eat special vegetarian tapas that will fulfill the expectations of the most demanding palates.

We are also open to both needs and to listen to options and requests, so if your diet requires a certain type of food that you want to tell us, of course we are open for new experiences and needs. Being able to enjoy food is common, and as such, we consider it important to be able to cover all needs. If so, do not hesitate and contact us. On our part, we will try to find a new and delicious way for You can enjoy the tapas with total security and options.